Smart Irrigation IoT

In 2020, Berg Insight reported that there were approximately 800,000 installed in-field sensor systems and remote-control units used for crop control and irrigation. Such stats are driven by smart irrigation's ability to enhance water resource management, reduce operational costs, and improve crop quality and yields. 

1NCE recognizes the relevance of IoT to smart irrigation use cases. With a constantly growing customer base, over 8% comes for Agriculture, which is over 1200 partners from the United States, the United Kingdom, Chile, Germany, Denmark, Malaysia, Japan, and South Korea. Smart irrigation here is one of the trending customers’ applications and demands within IoT-enabled projects.   

Leading Smart Irrigation Vendors

Below you can review the list of market leaders of Smart Irrigation:


Geo Location 


Valmont Industries (Valley Irrigation brand) 

Global (Headquarters in the United States)

Lindsay Corporation (Zimmatic brand) 

Global (Headquarters in the United States)


Global (Headquarters in Israel)

Jain Irrigation Systems 

Global (Headquarters in India)




United States


Global (Headquarters in Israel)

T-L Irrigation 

United States


United States

Lindsay Corporation (FieldNET brand) 

Global (Headquarters in the United States)


United States


Global (Headquarters in the United States) 

Hunter Industries 

United States

Rain Bird Corporation 

Global (Headquarters in the United States)

Note: The list makes no claim to completeness.    

Applications withing the Use Case 

The Crop Monitoring use case may apply to the following aspects:



Soil Moisture Sensing 

IoT sensors monitor soil moisture levels and transmit data to irrigation systems for precise water delivery, reducing wastage. 

Weather-Based Irrigation 

IoT weather stations provide real-time weather data, allowing irrigation systems to adjust watering schedules based on current conditions. 

Automated Valve Control 

IoT-controlled valves regulate the flow of water in irrigation systems, enabling remote adjustments and fine-tuning of irrigation processes. 

Drip Irrigation Optimization 

IoT sensors and actuators optimize drip irrigation systems by adjusting water flow to individual plants or rows based on plant needs and soil conditions. 

Water Quality Monitoring 

IoT sensors test water quality and alert farmers to issues, ensuring that irrigation water is suitable for crops. 

Water Resource Management 

IoT technology helps manage water resources efficiently, allowing farmers to make data-driven decisions on water allocation. 

Frost Protection 

IoT sensors detect temperature drops and activate irrigation to protect crops from frost damage, safeguarding yield. 

Fertilizer Injection 

IoT systems integrate with irrigation to precisely inject fertilizers into the water stream, enhancing nutrient delivery to plants. 

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