Smart Grid and IoT

According to Transforma Insights, the total count of Grid Operations devices is projected to increase from 26 million in 2020 to 92 million by 2030. IoT grid management (electricity grid, water grid & gas grid) enhances utilities by improving efficiency, resilience, and sustainability. It optimizes resource allocation, reduces downtime, and enables proactive maintenance, making critical systems more robust and reliable. 

The 1NCE team fully acknowledges the relevance of IoT in efficient smart grids management. This is evident in our substantial Utilities customer base share of 21%, where Smart Grid stands out as one of the leading use cases. 

Smart Grid Vendors

Find out more about Key Smart Grid vendors within Europe, America and Asia:

Smart Grid Vendor 

Geographic Region 


Siemens AG 


ABB Ltd 


Schneider Electric 


General Electric 

North America

Cisco Systems 

North America

Honeywell International 

North America

Huawei Technologies 




Itron Inc. 

North America

Note: The list makes no claim to completeness.    

IoT in Smart Grid: Applications

There are numerous applications within the Smart Grid use case:



Advanced Metering 

Real-time communication for accurate billing and efficient energy management. 

Demand Response 

Managing peak load by reducing energy consumption during high-demand periods. 

Distribution Automation 

Enhancing reliability and efficiency in electricity distribution networks. 

Grid Monitoring 

Real-time monitoring and control for efficient energy distribution and fault detection. 

Microgrid Management 

Efficient operation and control of localized energy systems. 

Renewable Energy Integration 

Integrating renewable sources and optimizing their use in the grid. 

Electric Vehicle Charging 

Intelligent EV charging, optimal schedules, load balancing, and renewable integration. 

Energy Storage Management 

Optimizing energy storage to balance supply and demand, store excess energy, and support grid stability. 

Advanced Metering 

Real-time communication for accurate billing and efficient energy management. 

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