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1NCE offers global coverage in more than 100 countries worldwide. All common mobile radio standards are supported among them also 2G. The coverage map indicates in which countries and regions the 2G is available.

All about 2G coverage:


2G coverage map

1NCE is steadily expanding its network coverage across the globe. The offered mobile radio standards range from 2G, 3G, 4G up to low bandwith radio standards like LTE-M and NB-IoT. Explore if the 2G radio standard is available in your area.

2G network shutdowns

From time to time, Mobile Network Operators decide to discontinue certain radio standards such as 2G and/or 3G to pave the way for more recent standards. Since 1NCE connectivity services rely on their roaming partners for local radio coverage, both the coverage itself and the radio standards available locally are affected by local shutdowns. In the 1NCE Developer Hub, the list of upcoming 2G/3G network discontinuations provides information of upcoming changes in 1NCE coverage.

IoT optimized network

The 1NCE network combines the benefits of a MVNO with the advantages of a Tier-1-IoT-Carrier. Based on a strong partnership with Deutsche Telekom, we can offer direct access to Radio Access Networks of Tier-1-operators and guarantee long-term stability and security for our customers. Furthermore, the cooperation with Amazon Web Services facilitates us to develop a unique IoT software, so that customers can integrate cellular IoT connectivty into their solutions faster with plug & play functionalities.

1NCE IoT Flat Rate

The 1NCE IoT Flat Rate offers you 10 years of IoT connectivity for a one-time payment of 10 Dollars. The offering is specifically tailored for low bandwidth IoT applications: 500 MB and 250 SMS and all further necessary features are included. In the case that your use case recquires additional data and SMS volume, you can also book a top-up via the Customer Portal.

Supported mobile radio standards

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Find out more about 2G in 1NCE IoT Native Blog. The blog comprises various topics around the Internet of Things, the implemenation of IoT projects and worth knowing about common radio access technologies.


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