Blockchain on a SIM

Plug & Play IoT connectivity & security

IoT connectivity & blockchain in one go

Together with ubirch, we have boosted our 1NCE IoT Flat Rate by adding a blockchain security component to our IoT FlexSIM card to combine high quality IoT connectivity with blockchain-based IoT security. The outcome is the Blockchain on a SIM solution.

Security features of the Blockchain on a SIM

  • Utilizing a trust protocol, which ensures that data from IoT sensors cannot be falsified after their creation.
  • Data packets of sensors are sealed and chained with strong cryptography so that its technically impossible to manipulate them once stored in a Blockchain.
  • The IoT data is sealed by a private key that sits on the SIM-Card.
  • Micro-certificates are stored in the backend in a so-called Merkle-Tree and anchored in public blockchains, thus creating an immutable and irrefutable record of that sensor.
  • Bidirectional protocol: IoT sensors verify incoming packets for authenticity and integrity, protection against unauthorized commands or unknown sources.

Blockchain capabilities are fully integrated into trusted hardware (= SIM)

Best of both worlds - IoT connectivity & blockchain

Highly standardized as the solution comes on a regular SIM
Thus plug & play into device
IoT focused and scalable for large number of transactions
Makes blockchain in IoT finally affordable
Brings blockchain technology into the secure element of the SIM card

Closing the trust gap between physical and digital sphere

When sharing data across organizations or systems
Industries like Logistics, Cold chain, Sharing industry, Insurance
When needing to prove validity of data
Important for billing, certificates, warranties
When decision making is relying on sensor data
Beyond connect & collect

All features of the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate are included

Instead of our standard 1NCE IoT FlexSIM, a special Blockchain SIM card is needed (+2 EUR)
To utilize the UBIRCH blockchain services, a separate subscription with UBIRCH is required
UBIRCH fees start as low as 5€ p.a.
1NCE Sales is happy to facilitate your interaction with UBIRCH

More information?

Do you need more information? We have prepared much more information on the Blockchain on a SIM solution in our Help Center. Here you are going to find a Documentation section on UBIRCH and our FAQ. You can also download our Blockchain on a SIM information document.

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