What can I do when my VAT-ID is invalid?
Within the check-out 1NCE customers are asked for a VAT-ID, which usually comprises of a country code (e.g. GB or AT) and a 8 to 10 digit number. The order process can only be finished if

The VAT-ID has been entered with a correct format or

The customer has said he has no VAT-ID.

ad 1) After the VAT-ID has been entered with a correct format the number will be validated automatically via a database check. If the result of this check is positive, we will create an invoice without VAT-ID (reverse charge). If the check is negative, we include the VAT on the invoice. Of course, customers can hand in the correct VAT-ID afterwards, so that the reverse charge procedure is active for reorders. The VAT-ID can be handed in afterwards via our service ticket system or via telephone hotline which are both accessible in the customer portal.
ad 2) Business customers without VAT-ID always get an invoice with issued VAT.
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