Transportation with Cost-Effective IoT Connectivity

The transportation industry stands at a crossroads. Efficiency demands are skyrocketing, fueled by booming e-commerce and ever-expanding global supply chains. Traditional methods, however, struggle to keep pace, grappling with inefficiencies and a lack of real-time data. TOPFLYtech recognized the necessity of IoT to streamline their large-scale US transportation project. By integrating 1NCE's IoT technology, TOPFLYtech unlocks a new era of data-driven transportation management.

Project Details
Industry: Automotive, Transport & Logistics
Technology: 4G
Location: US

TOPFLYtech is a Shenzhen-based company, founded in 2012, specializing in telematics solutions, focusing on researching, developing, and providing high quality telematics devices. They are a key player in the digitalization and tracking of vehicles and assets. Especially for TOPFLYtech’s solar powered E-lock and GPS tracker and BLE wireless sensors had won the respect of the market, and the portable GPS tracker also compliance the air transport standards.


TOPFLYtech’s customers needed one a reliable and cost-effective way to connect their asset devices for a large-scale transportation project in the US. Their customers, spread across the globe, consistently generate high data volumes, and existing connectivity options have proved expensive.


1NCE seamlessly integrated with TOPFLYtech's devices to enable device management and data processing. In addition, the global coverage ensured stable connectivity for all vehicles, regardless of location. The 1NCE’s commercial package significantly lowered TOPFLYtech‘s total cost of ownership on connectivity, allowing them to offer their services at an attractive price point and business model. TOPFLYtech’s customers now easily scale their operations as the project grows, managing thousands of devices. 

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