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# | 25.01.2023

1NCE expands IoT software business with launch of 1NCE OS

1NCE today announced a new chapter in the company’s story with the launch of 1NCE OS — powerful software that transforms data into actionable insights with minimal effort.

# Press Releases News | 16.03.2023

1NCE wins awards from Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech and Light Reading’s Leading Lights

Fast Company recognizes 1NCE “for making Internet of Things connectivity ubiquitous and affordable”

# Press Releases News | 22.12.2022

1NCE expands Leadership Team in Europe and Asia-Pacific

1NCE today announced the appointment of two Senior Vice Presidents to oversee the development and execution of the company’s strategic plans in Europe and Asia-Pacific (APAC).

# Press Releases News | 22.12.2022

1NCE now provides one of the world’s largest NB-IoT coverage maps at a single price

1NCE doubles global NB-IoT footprint; expands to US, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Slovak Republic, Sweden and Taiwan. Total cellular IoT network coverage now in 140 countries.

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