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Round Solutions and 1NCE partnership to combine IoT connectivity, services and devices

COLOGNE/BONN, 05/08/2018 – 1NCE, the provider of a revolutionary connectivity offering for IoT that enables IoT applications and services to access connectivity on a buy once, flat rate fee for ten years, has announced a new partnership with Round Solutions, a German based provider and a developer of IoT and M2M devices that also provides connectivity and consultancy services.

The companies will collaborate to support customers’ needs for solutions that include devices, implementation services and connectivity. Round Solutions expects 1NCE’s Lifetime fee flat rate offer of up to 500MB for ten years for a one-time fee of €10 to be compelling for customers.

“1NCE has a revolutionary offering which benefits our customers and is especially useful for narrowband applications because of its support for narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) in addition to 2G and 3G,” said Ben Hoelke, CEO, Round Solutions. “The SIM card offered by 1NCE enhances our possibilities to form an all-in-one device and connectivity proposition. The customer doesn’t have to bother about connectivity, they get it as part of the package.”

Alexander Bufalino, the chief sales officer of 1NCE, said the market has been waiting for this combined approach because it enables organisations to gain a complete picture of the costs of operating a network of IoT devices before deployment. This removes risk from deployments and companies will benefit from the flexibility of being able to access 2G, 3G and NB-IoT connectivity throughout the life of their devices.

“We’re delighted to partner with such an experienced partner which has led the market, providing telemetry, sensor-to-cloud devices and components such as IoT modules and cloud services,” he said. “Customers now don’t want to be delayed by the complexities of managing connections, they just want cost efficient, high quality connections to support their services and applications. Our offering, with its prepaid, one-time fee, delivers exactly this.”

Ben Hoelke believes the simplicity of the offering will prove attractive to Round Solutions’ customers because of visibility and control the 1NCE offering provides into the cost of IoT operations. “It’s a simple model that is easy to understand and comes with no complicated tariff plan,” he added. “On top of that, the offering spans the lifetime of the device. Customers take care of it once – they implement it and they’re done.”

The concept of combining flat rate connectivity with hardware and software for IoT applications and services introduces a simplified, cost effective mode of operation for IoT services that has the potential to enable new opportunities, especially for large scale, high volume deployments. “You can connect as many devices as you want with 1NCE, there is no limitation,” explained Ben Hoelke. “I think there will be many new opportunities enabled by this model and our new partnership.”

“It’s simple,” he added. “The partnership will add great value on both sides. 1NCE will benefit from Round Solutions customers that want easy, flat rate carrier-grade connectivity. Round Solutions will benefit from 1NCE customers that need devices, hardware and software developed and deployed.”

More information can be found in the press release here