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Pre-Orders in the High Six-Digit Range – Successful Start for Europe's First IoT Flat Rate

  • Successful brand launch of 1NCE GmbH at the MWC 2018
  • Positive feedback to disruptive pricing model – several hundred thousand cards have already been requested
  • 1NCE SIM supports seamless low bandwidth connectivity across Europe

COLOGNE/BONN, 03/08/2018 1NCE, the first multinational IoT carrier with focus on narrowband and low bandwidth connections, unveiled its first-ever connectivity model for IoT applications. With the 1NCE Lifetime Fee, customers pay €10 once to gain access to a data flat rate over a period of 10 years. Pre-orders for SIM cards in the high six-digit range already came in the first few days after launching the brand.

Successful Brand Launch
1NCE has been active in the market since the beginning of the year. At the MWC 2018 in Barcelona, the company presented its standard rate package for IoT connectivity for the first time to a broad public. “The response to our product has been overwhelming,” explains Alexander P. Sator, founder and CEO of 1NCE. “We are offering the right product at the right time. The feedback at the Mobile World Congress shows that we are ideally addressing the market demands for simplicity and scalability, which validates our approach.”

The offer by 1NCE is primarily aimed at IoT applications with low data volumes and a large amount of connected devices, e.g. for smart metering, asset tracking or Smart City applications. “We expect up to 50 billion networked devices in these three areas of IoT in the coming years. To date there hasn’t been a standard rate to network these types of devices efficiently and cost-effectively. With our product we will change that.” says Sator.

Disruptive Pricing Model
The first-of-its-kind Lifetime Fee pricing model provides customers with end-to-end IoT connectivity over a 10-year term for a one-off price of €10. With it comes a data flat rate that covers up to 500 MB for the entire life cycle of a device. According to today’s standards, this inclusive volume represents the basic requirement of most low-bandwidth applications. In addition, the solution is uniquely suited to integrate “connectivity as a feature” with OEMs as well as IoT module and gateway vendors and IoT platform vendors. This makes it possible to offer complete solutions in the sense of an end-to-end solution.

“This model is a central building block in our path to radically simplify IoT connectivity. On the one hand, we want to make existing business IoT models much more efficient but, on the other hand, we also want to enable completely new applications that were previously simply too expensive or too complex to implement”, emphasizes Alexander Bufalino, CSO of 1NCE GmbH.

Global Scalability
Sales start for the connectivity solutions is scheduled for August 2018. At that point, the connectivity management platform will also be available to manage and control the SIM cards. Interested parties can already register at and pre-order larger quantities of SIM cards. The connectivity solutions will initially be available within the European Union as well as in Switzerland and Norway. At the same time, structures will be set up in the coming months to scale supply to selected markets outside Europe.

More information can be found in the press release here