Pioneering the uncharted – how new connectivity offerings are changing the face of the IoT

Although much of the talk and excitement around connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) focuses on the different network technologies available to support IoT apps, the reality is that, for the vast majority, only modest bandwidth is required. Regardless of whether the bearer is 5G, 4G, 3G or 2G cellular, one of the new low power wide area (LPWA) technologies or other satellite and radio alternatives, the real challenge is in how the connections are managed and charged for. This is because the nature of many IoT applications is that connectivity is required to transmit only relatively small packages of data.

1NCE’s CEO and founder, Alexander Sator, explains in an interview with IoT now, why he believes that the IoT market is in urgent need for a new kind of connectivity offering, specially designed for IoT applications that require only modest bandwidth.

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