1NCE unveils the new playbook Environmental Monitoring

1NCE, the provider of the world’s first IoT Flat Rate - the revolutionary 1NCE Lifetime Fee-, launches Environmental Monitoring, a new localized playbook for free download. The material introduces the benefits of enabling IoT connectivity as a feature; gives recommendations when selecting a connectivity choice out of a range of options; and offers a check list of questions to help you make your final connectivity selection. The playbook is available English, German, French and Italian language.

1NCE launched the first campaign to share knowledge on dedicated vertical areas for which 1NCE provides a perfect-fit connectivity solution back in 2018. Waste Management, Vehicle Telematics, Tank Monitoring, Asset Tracking and Smart Metering count with dedicated pages in the newly launched website, that can be accessed through the Use Cases ’ section. Besides playbooks for these use cases, 1NCE also offers further material for free download related to UBI (Usage-Based-Insurance), Leak Detection and NB-IoT through the IoT Knowledge Center.

As the first IoT Carrier with a clear focus on B2B customers, 1NCE has extensive experience in IoT connectivity for long-lasting low maintenance applications. Its unique IoT lifetime fee offers bearer-agnostic low bandwidth connectivity across EU-28+2 countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, USA and China (the latter two for non-permanent roaming only). The vertical content emphasizes on the power of IoT connectivity and its concrete effects when looking for energizing, optimising and creating businesses in different fields.

Download the new Environmental Monitoring playbook:

Find more material for download at the IoT Knowledge Center.