1NCE holds seminars together with EBV Elektronik and SIMCom for the rest of 2019

1NCE participates in a series of hands-on "NB-IoT WORKSHOP" seminars on NB-IoT and IoT Solutions together with EBV Elektronik , one of the leading specialists in European semconductor distribution, and the wireless module and modem specialist SIMCom . The "NB-IOT WORKSHOP" is aimed to developers and technical buyers and occues once a week in different German cities and is scheduled until end of 2019. The first "NB-IOT WORKSHOP" already took place on 19 June at the EBV Elektronil GmbH & Co. KG in Berlin.

The "NB-IOT WORKSHOP” offers the opportunity to explore the technical possibilities of efficient multiband NB-IoT modules.  Along with EBV Elektronik and SIMCom, we teach and provide first step guidance in terms of basics. During the workshop, the participants have the chance to test the 1NCE Flex SIM cards and NB-IoT functionality as well as setting up demos and prototypes. This way, participants learn how to establish data connections to the 1NCE network , which  supports NB-IoT in Germany already and serves a vast range of use cases already.

The new connectivity standard in IoT

1NCE offers managed connectivity services for low bandwidth IoT applications. We have developed a disruptive price model for IoT connectivity – the 1NCE Lifetime Fee and cooperate with the leading operators in order to guarantee Tier-1 grade connectivity services.

As IoT experts, 1NCE brings continuous value and knowledge to customers and industry players to face the challenges of Internet of Things Applications today . Through a lean IoT core network and fast deployment, 1NCE anticipates and addresses the needs of IoT customers for a scalable IoT connectivity solution cheaper, faster and easier than ever before.

The next appointment is on 27 June, at the EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG Burgwedel. Registrations are open to public with limited seats.

Would you like to get more insights on NB-IoT? Download the 1NCE Playbook “NB-IoT: Enabling the Next Billion Connected devices” HERE .