1NCE and partners at SPS 2019

The Internet of Things builds on the complex interlocking of technologies and originally separated industries. And especially when it comes to the realization of innovative projects, the cooperation of specialized companies plays a decisive role.

At Smart Production Solutions (SPS) 2019 in Nuremberg 1NCE, autosen and more IoT partners presented the results of such a cooperation. From 26 to 28 November, they collaboratively presented the io-key, an end-to-end sensor solution for the remote monitoring of machines and systems. The io-key is a mobile gateway designed to make the implementation and use of sensors in manufacturing and process automation more economical and uncomplicated.

The idea is to cover the entire IoT value chain in one product.

Overview of all io-key partners:

  • By providing the Wireless io-key Gateway, autosen allows the connection of over 6,000 IO-Link-capable sensors to the cloud.
  • The autosen cloud environment is built on Software AG's Cumulocity IoT platform.
  • The 1NCE Lifetime Fee is embedded in the io-key hardware. In effect, data transfer and SIM card management are already included in the io-key tariff plans. A separate connectivity tariff is therefore no longer required.
  • Round Solutions provides the io-key with components and firmware.
  • Sales partners in the io-key ecosystem are T-Systems and IFM electronic.

Learn more about the io-key autosen's customer portrait.