1NCE enables BibeCoffee’s real-time monitoring for coffee machines

Cologne, 6 January 2020 – Behind every cup of coffee stands a billion-dollar business. From the point of seed cultivation, collection, packaging, transportation and processing to finally having the beverage ready-to-drink, it’s a long and expensive way. And the coffee industry i.e. coffee roasters, distributors and coffee machine makers all have in common that they want to provide their customers with the highest quality brew.

With this in mind, 1NCE's customer BibeCoffee has developed the BibeCoffee solution which connects coffee machines to the Internet of Things by utilizing the 1NCE IoT SIM card. Thus, coffee distributors, coffee chains and coffee shop owners are able to remotely monitor their coffee machines’ usage and consumption data. The BibeCoffee solution consisting of cloud-environment and BibeCoffee gateways also prevents coffee fraudulent activities and the mixing of beans by closely controlling pre-configured coffee brewing methods based on coffee roasters recipes.

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