In this section you will find IoT Expertise brought to you in one place. Download corporate materials about 1NCE as well as free 1NCE Playbooks and Infographics that we created as part of our commitment to share and promote the neccesary tools, trends and insights to take your IoT business to the next level. You can also download our company presentation and the 1NCE logo.


Vehicle Telematics - Playbook

The strong development of the IoT world has an impact on vehicle telematics, among other things. Therefore, there are many advantages and more cost-efficient ways for connectivity that one should be aware of.

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Environmental Monitoring - Playbook

Environmental monitoring covers different areas, such as air quality, water quality or smoke detection. Natively connected environmental monitoring sensors can support end-users by making connectivity a default feature in their solutions.

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Asset Tracking - Playbook

Asset tracking solutions can be used both privately and for business. This is the tracking of various shipments along a transport route, which is particularly suitable for high-value assets.

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1NCE Infographic - Infomaterial EN

To better understand the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat, the infographic is a good way to summarise everything important. It includes the features, prices and country coverage of the IoT solution.

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NB-IoT - Playbook

While many IoT use cases commonly rely on such mobile radio standards as 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE-M, there are other use cases where NB-IoT is more suitable. For your NB-IoT projects, you can simply use the coverage of the 1NCE IoT SIM as a smart connectivity solution.

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