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With Smart Metering, the consumption of water, energy, and natural gas buildings, plants, factories or machines can easily be measured and monitored. It is a growing and exciting trend that makes people's lives easier, both in private as well as in varies industries.
1NCE is the first dedicated Tier-1 carrier providing fast, secure and reliable IoT network connectivity for low data B2B applications. As a cloud-native IoT company, 1NCE offers a “connect and forget” connectivity service that is well suited for smart metering solutions. This convenience gives sensor manufacturers, OEMs, solution providers, system integrators and application service providers an easy addition to their solutions to quickly build the needed revenue stream from their customers.
With the help of IoT, automatic and/or periodic remote metering of consumer data is possible. In addition, audit records are improved through fewer manual processes. Real-time remote monitoring of network elements allows for incident response in the event of leaks or emergencies.

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