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You want all information on our 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat at a glance? No problem!
The 1NCE Infographic Download gives you a clear overview of the easy and intuitive customer journey at 1NCE and the flat rate’s costs, which are only 10 EUR. For this you receive an IoT SIM with a usage period of 10 years including 500 MB data volume and 250 SMS. All other features like multi-bearer technology and our worldwide coverage without any additional roaming costs are included. The 1NCE Infographic shows how easy the customer journey is: No SIM activation is required resulting in the ability of Plug and Play IoT with ease. 1NCE makes configuration easy for you . Finally, you can manage your SIM and connections on our intuitive and included Connectivity Management Platform, which also allows you to top up another 500 MB data and 250 SMS at any time for the same price of 10 EUR if needed. Get the full overview in our infographic for free download!

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Visit the 1NCE Shop and start connecting your IoT devices easily. Simply order your SIM cards, choose the desired type of SIM card and fill out all required forms. After the payment has been approved you get your cards within two to three business days.