Service Robotics and IoT

The service robotics market is rapidly evolving, with robots finding applications in both consumer and professional sectors. It shows a substantial market potential, spanning from litter robot customer service and food service robots to telepresence and surgical robots. The number of active customer service robots is projected to reach 264.3 million by 2026, exhibiting a remarkable CAGR of 24 percent between 2016 and 2026 according to Berg Insight.  

The service robotics industry is being driven by significant government and industry funding programs, venture capital investments, and increased Merges & Acquisitions activity, with startups playing a pivotal role in innovation. Among 15,000 1NCE customers, we can definitely observe a steady demand and growth within Service Robotics. 

Service Robotics Vendors

Key players, including Amazon, Intel, Google, and IBM, are shaping the industry's future alongside emerging startups:

Vendor Location Website 
Kuka Germany 
ABB Switzerland 
Yaskawa Japan 
Fanuc Japan 
Amazon  USA 
Intel  USA 
Google  USA 
iRobot  USA 
Samsung  South Korea 
Honda  Japan 
Bosch  Germany 

Service Robotics Applications

The number of Service Robotics applications within the industry is constantly growing – learn more below:

Use Case Description 
Litter Robot Customer Service Provides support for automated litter disposal. 
Food Service Robots Automates food ordering, delivery, and preparation. 
Surgical Robots Assists surgeons in precise, minimally invasive procedures. 
Cleaning Robots Automates cleaning tasks in commercial and residential spaces. 
Hospitality Robots Enhance guest experience in hotels and resorts. 
Warehouse Automation Streamlines inventory management and logistics in warehouses. 
Security Robots Patrols and monitors areas for enhanced security. 
Agricultural Robots Optimize crop management and harvesting in agriculture. 
Retail Robots Assist customers, manage inventory, and improve store operations. 
Elderly Care Robots Provides companionship and support for the elderly. 

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