IoT in Remote Diagnostics, and Monitoring,
Process Control

According to Transforma Insights, the number of connected devices within Remote Diagnostics, Monitoring and Process Control reached almost 82.5 thousand and is projected to be 96.7 thousand in 2026. The core of such growth is IoT, which fosters automated adjustments and operational efficiency, enhances safety and reduces costs. The strong connection between IoT and Remote Diagnostic is evident for 1NCE: among the 18,000 customers who collaborate with us, almost 100% express a need for IoT-powered remote device monitoring. 

Remote Diagnostics & Monitoring Vendors

The remote diagnostics hardware providers include the following:






Rockwell Automation 

United States

Schneider Electric 



United States


United States

GE Digital 

United States


United States


United States


United States


United States

Note: The list makes no claim to completeness.     

IoT Applications

Explore the applications within the use case in details:



Real-time Equipment Monitoring 

Continuous monitoring of industrial equipment for real-time performance data, anomaly detection, and alerts. 

Predictive Maintenance 

Utilizing IoT for equipment failure prediction and maintenance scheduling, reducing downtime and costs. 

Remote Process Control 

Enabling remote control and optimization of industrial processes, enhancing flexibility and efficiency. 

Energy Management 

Monitoring and controlling energy usage to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability. 

Quality Control and Compliance 

Ensuring product quality by real-time monitoring, aiding compliance with standards, and preventing recalls. 

Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Real-time asset and inventory tracking to streamline management, reduce losses, and optimize utilization. 

Safety and Security Monitoring 

Enhancing workplace safety and security through environmental monitoring, hazard detection, and access control. 

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