Pioneering Healthcare Progress with 1NCE IoT SIM Cards

Expand your IoT healthcare operations worldwide, rely on uninterrupted connectivity, and improve your solution with the IoT Lifetime Flat subscription from 1NCE.

IoT for Healthcare Projects

By the end of 2023, revenue in the Healthcare IoT market is projected to reach nearly US$94 billion. The significance of remote patient monitoring and interconnected healthcare equipment is on the rise, fueling the widespread adoption of IoT solutions. Robust IoT connectivity plays a critical role in the success of IoT projects.

With the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat service, you connect and manage your devices for just 10 euros for 10 years of service.

Why Choose the 1NCE Lifetime Flat Subscription for Your IoT Healthcare Projects?

Real-time data saves lives

IoT healthcare devices collect vital data that helps doctors and physicians create effective treatment plans. Remote monitoring of indicators like blood pressure or sugar level enables informed decisions to improve patient care. 

Cost is not a barrier to innovation

We keep pricing simple and transparent, so you won’t encounter unexpected charges. Pay 10 euros and gain the confidence to deploy, manage, and connect your devices globally during their long-lasting lifetime.  

Global coverage is key

From remote patient monitoring to smart medical equipment, empower your healthcare initiatives with worldwide connectivity. Join over 14,000 satisfied customers and enjoy 15 million secure connections across 157+ countries.   

Security inspires new projects

With 1NCE, you can focus on what matters most - transforming healthcare with IoT. We ensure secure connectivity, enabling seamless communication between the IoT devices and platforms. 

Simple integration saves your time and resources

We understand the fast-paced nature of the healthcare industry. Effortlessly connect your existing devices or deploy new IoT solutions with our plug-and-play approach. Focus on improving outcomes while we take care of the connectivity. 

Dedicated support means being experts

At 1NCE, we believe in partnership and support. Our dedicated team of IoT experts is here to assist you every step of the way, prioritizing your success. 

What Are the Use Cases?

The applications where 1NCE helps transform healthcare data delivery are diverse. Here are some highlights:

Remote Patient Monitoring

Connect devices to track patients’ heart rate, pressure, oxygen and sugar levels. 

Connected Medicine Dispensers

Aid elderly patients in administering medicines by enabling automated dispensing at home. 

Environment Monitoring

Empower your patients’ connected beds, wearable trackers, and ICU monitoring with reliable IoT SIM cards. 

Clinical Trials and Research

Monitor patient responses, gather real-time data, and enable remote data collection to provide accuracy in clinical trials and research projects. 

Emergency Response

Detect emergencies, trigger alarms, notify responders, and facilitate rapid assistance, improving emergency response times and outcomes.  

Asset Tracking

Safeguard hospital equipment and supplies, prevent theft and misuse using IoT-powered alarm systems, asset monitoring, and access control, connecting the healthcare systems with IoT SIM cards. 

Predictive Maintenance

Collect and analyze data in real-time, identify potential malfunctions, and mitigate risks. 

Ensure safe and reliable delivery of healthcare data with the IoT Lifetime Flat service from 1NCE. 

1NCE Healthcare Success Stories 


Greek based system integrator iotech developed a cold chain monitoring solution for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines with seamless connectivity via 1NCE cellular radio.

Project Details


Zenicor Medical Systems AB is one of the leading medtech companies in Europe in the fields of early diagnosis of arrhythmias and stroke prevention for health care...

Project Details

August International

August International introduces a health-focused smartwatch, that comes with built-in internet connectivity provided with the integrated 1NCE Industrial eSIM.

Project Details

Pillsure Pocket

The Pillsure Pocket solution aims to reduce stress and costs for individuals by supporting them to ensure correct medical intake with a smart pill dispenser without being too complex to handle.

Project Details

Finsen Tech

Revolutionary UVC disinfection robot: With THOR UVC ® , Finsen Tech developed a revolutionary device that can eradicate healthcare associated infections (HAI).

Project Details

Strategic Partnerships

Reach out if you have any questions, and let’s work together to shape the future of the healthcare industry. 

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