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Welcome to The World of Efficient Fleet Telematics

Did you know that efficient fleet management can reduce fuel consumption by 15% on average and up to 25%? The ever-changing world of fleet telematics goes along with the development of a range of powerful tools that can help businesses better manage their fleets. In the very center of such technologies is the IoT SIM card providing real-time communication across all vehicles and fleet management systems.

With 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat you can scale up your fleet management solutions for only 10 euros for 10 years. Reshape the way you manage fleets and amplify your business with exceptional value.

Empower Your Fleet Management and Telematics with 1NCE

Install 1NCE SIM cards in your vehicles to start monitoring fleet location, speed, fuel level, and other essential data in real time. Save time and money and ensure drivers' safety simply by ordering SIM cards in a matter of seconds. Restructure the fleet telematics universe with 1NCE!

Why Choose 1NCE?

1NCE brings the experience and expertise to work with a multitude of fleet verticals, from transportation companies to delivery services, and telematics companies.

Here are some major ways we can help to power up your business:

Unique and transparent price

With 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat, you only pay once - 10 euros for 10 years, with no extra fees or recurring payments. 

High vehicle performance

1NCE IoT connectivity enables vehicle performance monitoring and eliminates potential risks. Real-time monitoring helps to prevent low tire pressure, engine overheating, increased humidity, and other issues that prevent breakdowns.

Global connectivity

As a trusted global IoT connectivity provider, we partner with reliable cellular networks to guarantee uninterrupted connections and accurate delivery of data within your fleet system. We are committed to providing the best possible service. 

Easy fleet management

1NCE IoT connectivity acts as the glue between fleet devices and cloud management platforms. It provides a smooth data delivery essential for fleet control, remote diagnostics, and risk prevention, which can decrease maintenance costs and possible device issues.

Efficient fuel consumption

Fleet managers are able to identify any inaccuracies and inefficiencies within the delivered data, such as speed or idling time, and take corresponding measures. This in turn decreases fuel consumption and potential costs for fleet telematics solutions. 

Safe driving

In addition to cost control and vehicle performance, it’s possible to monitor drivers’ safety through their behavior, including changes in speeding and acceleration. Combining this data with vehicle performance, it’s possible to synthesize a specific ‘formula’ for drivers of separate vehicles and decrease the risk of accidents.  

Real-time location

1NCE provides the real-time location of your vehicle as well as provides Device Locator software that works with and without GPS. Access the data of your vehicle’s location and react as soon as possible in the case of unplanned changes, empowering your fleet vehicle telematics.

Easy Integration and Comprehensive Support

One of the key advantages of 1NCE technology is its ease of integration with existing fleet management systems. Fleet managers can simply install 1NCE IoT SIM card in each vehicle and start monitoring their fleet in real-time. In addition, if you have any questions, connect to our top-notch customer support and study in the 1NCE Development Hub.

Upgrade your fleet management with 1NCE Lifetime Flat - just 10 euros for 10 years! Get started by switching to 1NCE Lifetime Flat today!

Fleet Telematics & Automotive Success Stories


Vimcar has developed a management software that digitizes the fleet management of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)...

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Autogear is a Norwegian company that offers a simple way to keep a driver’s logbook. Its solution automatically stores all driving activities of a car and calculates amounts and distances. It is perfectly suited for either using it in company cars or to keep track of business trips while driving with a private car.

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The tracking specialist Horizont turned to 1NCE for its product “Live Orten” to ensure best network connectivity for its customers...

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Targa Telematics

Targa Telematics, an IT company with 20 years' experience in connected vehicles, trusts in 1NCE IoT-Connectivity solutions.

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