Tier-1loT Carrier

A new standard in IoT

1NCE – The first Tier-1loT Carrier

1NCE is not just another IoT MVNO. In a unique way 1NCE enhances the capabilities of a full MVNO with the power and quality of Tier-1 mobile networks. Our network capabilities exceed those of traditional MVNOs because we have a direct interface to Radio Access Networks of Tier-1 operators which enable us to control and manage the IoT traffic directly and more eminently. Additionally, we utilize essential network assets of our MNO partners to guarantee long-term stability and security of our network services to customers.


We at 1NCE are convinced that the combination of an independent IoT Carrier and utilizing Tier-1 operator‌s capabilities is key to serve the needs of IoT customers in the long-run.


• Own virtualized core network (HLR, EPC)

• Dedicated billing, CRM and logistics system

• Customer Care and technical support

Carrier Grade

• Direct RAN access, thus faster and more reliable network capabilities

• All bearer access: Seamless support of NB-IoT, LTE-M, 4G, 3G and 2G

• Fully GSMA, 3GPP compliant, registered carrier at network authorities, ITU member


• Tier-1 IMSI guarantees stable network access (no SIM-blocking or denial)

• Price stability and reliability thanks to Tier-1 wholesale agreement

• Highest standards for Quality of Service assurance

loT Focus

• Lean platform and network architecture for IoT pure play

• Fully digitalized and automated process for maximum scalability

• Simple pre-paid price model made for IoT devices

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