What is a Top-Up and how to use one 

Book additional data and SMS for your IoT Lifetime Flat service

Add more data and SMS to your service

Did you know that more than 2,000 customers already use the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat in combination with Top-Ups? It’s a useful feature for IoT customers to add more data and SMS to their IoT Lifetime Flat license. There are many reasons why customers use Top-Ups, but most often it’s due to the unique requirements of their specific use case. Some IoT devices often need more data and SMS due to unplanned use by the end customer, or simply because the use case requires higher data volumes. This is where the Top-Up option comes into play.

What Is a Top-Up? 

When an IoT device has reached or nears its allocated data limit, topping up is necessary to continue sending and receiving data. The Top-Up feature allows flexibility to add additional data and SMS. The 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat service includes 500 MB data and 250 SMS, which is usually adequate for 70-80% of all IoT use cases. In case a device reaches its data limit before the 10-year ends, the Top-Up allows you to book additional 500 MB of data and 250 SMS for 10 euros.

How it works?

  1. Login to the Customer Portal and go to the My SIMs tab.

  2. Select the IoT SIM cards you wish to Top-Up with additional data and SMS volume.

  3. Once the IoT SIM cards are selected with the checkmark next to it, the button “Top-Up SIMs” below the list turns active and allows you to set the order.

4. After you have clicked on “Top-Up SIMs,” the checkout for Top-Ups shows you the number of Top-Ups per IoT SIM Card you have selected and the costs.

5. With every Top-Up, an additional 500 MB and 250 SMS are added to your remaining volume. Older unused volumes of MB and SMS remain in the quota.

6. After you have clicked on “Top-Up SIMs,” the checkout for Top-Ups shows you the number of Top-Ups per IoT SIM Card you have selected and the costs.

Why do customers use Top-Ups?

Topping up IoT connectivity ensures seamless operations, especially for:

Unexpectedly high data usage

Some IoT devices might behave strangely or malfunction, which sometimes results in an unexpected increase of data usage.

Real-time use cases

Some IoT applications require real-time data transmission, where topping up to ensure constant connectivity is a necessity. 

Pay-per-use use cases

Top-ups give the customer the flexibility to upgrade to a high-data IoT solution but with the advantage of only adding data when it’s needed. This avoids fixed monthly rate plans for data, but allows for a pay-per-use data policy per device.  

Firmware updates

Updating device firmware is common, but this new firmware usually requires more data -- in some cases higher than expected. 


Pay 20% less on all Top-Ups until December 31st

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