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Italian/Swiss based Start Up xFarm was born out of founder Matteo Vanotti‘s need to use a digital service to digitally manage the agricultural company that he runs with his brothers in a simple and efficient manner. Together with Salvatore Ferullo, today’s Company’s CEO and Martino Poretti, Head of IoT, they created xFarm: A management platform by farmers for farmers, accessible via web-browser or smartphone app. Their speciality: Many different functions such as field management, warehouse logistics or machinery management are free, and farmers can use them right away. Additional premium features such as weather forecasts, precision farming with satellite support and the integration of IoT based sensors with 1NCE’s support to transmit live data from the field directly to the app are completing the offer.


Project Details
Technology: 2G,3G,4G
Location: Globally

To further specify the information coming from the fields and use them for a more sophisticated and precise farm management, xFarm developed the xSense weather station that can be placed directly on site. The station will record actual temperatures, wind speeds, measures rainfall and can be connected via LoRA communication to other sensors, the xNode devices, that measure additional data such as moisture or chemical compositions directly in the ground. The xSense station is powered by a solar array plus an integrated battery to enable it to function autonomous. It acts as a data hub and sends all collected data via cellular radio to the xFarm management platform.


While the xNode sensors communicate with the xSense Station via LoRa radio in a range between 1 and 10 kilometres, this was not an option for the communication between the xSense Station and xFarm’s management platform. Here the best solution proofed to be cellular radio. It is safe, reliable and widely available. Therefore, each xSense station is equipped with a SIM card, enabling it to transmit its data flexible and safe to the cloud platform.

1NCE Solution

To perfectly calculate their new business model, xFarm needed an IoT connectivity solution, that fits perfectly into their needs as a Start-Up company with the ability to scale according to demands. With the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat they found the perfect solution. A reliable global cellular connectivity. To be able to deliver their solution internationally with the same quality and rates for all customers, to more than 100 countries worldwide. With 1NCE’s help, xFarm could easily overcome one of the major obstacles in IoT connectivity: The often-inscrutable pricing jungle.

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