Fahfon Sense by CPS Agri Co

Climate-resilient and sustainable practices with IoT.

The integration of IoT solutions has become increasingly indispensable for addressing the complex challenges faced by Agriculture. Founded in 2020 by Chinnawat "POP" Surussavadee, CPS Agri Co. specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for climate-resilient and sustainable agriculture practices in Southeast Asia. 

Project Details
Industry: Smart Agriculture
Technology: 2G,3G,4G
Location: Southeast Asia
The FAHFON SENSE Sense 1 measures a total of 17 parameters critical for smart agriculture. From rain and humidity to wind speed, pressure, light intensity, UV index, PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, and CO2 levels, this all-in-one station provides a comprehensive overview without the need for WiFi or electricity. Its versatility extends to more than 150 countries as potential regional business expansion, thanks to GPS tracking and 8 I/O ports for additional functionalities. CPS Agri Co. relies on the FAHFON Super App to visualize measurements and access high-resolution weather forecasts for each coordinate and land plot. This level of detail empowers farmers and stakeholders in the agriculture sector to make informed decisions, enhance crop yields, and contribute to sustainable farming practices. 

The company needed to obtain accurate data on weather, pollution, and carbon levels at a hyper-local level. This data is essential for optimizing smart agriculture processes, managing water resources efficiently, and contributing to the broader goals of smart cities in the region. For this purpose, they searched for IoT wireless connectivity options that cover even hard-to-reach locales. 

With 1NCE, CPS Agri Co. accurately connects and manages over 1000 FAHFON SENSE Sense 1 devices across the region via MFF2 technology. These devices use 2G, 3G, or 4G connectivity with access to multiple networks coverage, ensuring robust and reliable communication in even the most remote areas.   IoT-powered precise observations and forecasts of weather, climate, and air quality at an incredibly detailed level are crucial for fostering climate change resilience and adaptation. Beyond this, they play a pivotal role in mitigating impacts, advancing smart agriculture practices, contributing to the development of smart cities, optimizing water resources management, enhancing transportation systems, and serving a multitude of other applications. 
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