Leak Detection - Playbook

This educational guide introduces the benefits of enabling connectivity as a feature to your leak detection products and solutions.  See how Azeti used this solution already. The Playbook clarifies the special considerations to account for when selecting a connectivity choice out of a range of options. It also provides a check list of questions to help you making your final choice of connectivity.

Leak detection is a relatively under-developed IoT application, limited by the costs and power constraints of the connectivity technology. Low power, wide area network (LPWA) technology is perfectly suited for leak detection, as it can connect devices that need to stay in the field for many years and send small amounts of data over a long range. Some IoT applications need to transmit only tiny amounts of information, an example being a sensor that sends data only if it senses pressure loss for leak detection. This information and more is provided by the Leak Detection Download.

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