Asset Tracking - Playbook

One of the most common use cases on the Internet of Things (IoT) are asset tracking solutions. Both in private as well as in business the ability to track assets is of highest importance and provides many benefits. Consumers for example can track their pets with pet trackers or assets like bicycles with thief-protection-trackers. See how Nabi used this solution already.  In business, asset tracking is especially important for high value assets like cars and other vehicles in fleet management solutions, but also in logistics when goods are transported.

Thus, Asset tracking is the most well-established machine-to-machine (M2M) application, relying first on short-range communications such as RFID and then on traditional long-range 2G cellular connectivity. These assets are part of the logistics supply chain where the ability to track and trace a shipment on a transportation route is the main function of the goods distribution sector. In these situations, the assets that are connected depend on a simple cost/benefit calculation of penalties avoided in the event of a supply chain breakdown. Find all information on Asset Tracking in our Asset Tracking Download.

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