Device Authenticator

Seamless device authentication and identification in your cloud

The IoT Challenge

Every connected product requires a Digital Twin to enable data communication, a digital representation of a physical object (i.e., the connected device you are about to mass produce). The Digital Twin should be created during manufacturing, which poses a logistical challenge for product makers. To tackle this challenge, the industry typically choses complex device provisioning and onboarding flows, which often require changes at the assembly line. This approach is hard to maintain, expensive and error prone.

At a glance
  • Use our SIM card as unique identifier

  • Trust the origin of your data

  • No assembly line modifications required

  • Authenticate and provision devices out of the box – no integration required

Our Solution

1NCE is a cellular network operator – we utilize the functionality of our SIM cards to drastically simplify your provisioning process. 1NCE uses secure cellular network authentication techniques that are already in use by every smartphone in the world.

How it works

Device Authenticator uses the SIM card as a fingerprint to onboard IoT devices.


Your cloud services only must trust our managed service, instead of every single device individually. 

Good to know

We identify devices by their ICCID, we highly recommend you do the same for a seamless device integration.

How to use

  • Put a SIM card into your device. Every form factor is compatible (2FF, 3FF, 4FF or MFF2)

  • Receive your device telemetry data using IoT Integrator

  • Optional: Use Administrative Log to get notified whenever new SIM cards are purchased and new devices are onboarded into your system

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