NB-IoT coverage

with the 1NCE IoT SIM

Enjoy NB-IoT coverage in many European countries via the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat. With our IoT SIM, you can even use other mobile standards in over 168 countries in addition to NB-IoT in eight countries. With just one SIM, for only 15 USD.

Enjoy NB-IoT coverage in many European countries via the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat. With our IoT SIM, you can even use other mobile standards in over 168 countries in addition to NB-IoT in eight countries. With just one SIM, for only 15 USD.

The advantages of NB-IoT coverage with 1NCE

  • Low costs: 15 USD for 10 years makes your IoT application profitable

  • Minimal effort: order your SIM online, receive the card in a few days, manage the SIM in the Customer Portal. Plug & Play

  • Best network: NB-IoT in eight countries, other mobile standards in 168 countries

  • High penetration and coverage: NB-IoT as the optimal choice for underground devices

  • Energy-saving: NB-IoT enables Power-Saving Mode to ensure a long lifetime of your devices

  • Multi-mode functionality: Seamlessly use 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE-M with one SIM in addition to NB-IoT

  • All features included: 500 MB, 250 SMS, APN, VPN, API, Data Streamer, Connectivity Suite, Customer Portal, Customer Service

  • Quality: We are specialised in IoT. And we have strong partners like Deutsche Telekom AG on our side


Connect your application via NB-IoT

Use the NB-IoT coverage of the 1NCE IoT SIM as a smarter connectivity solution for your IoT application. commonly rely on such mobile radio standards as 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE-M, there are also other use cases where NB-IoT is more suitable because of its key properties.


These two properties of NB-IoT are its high range and penetration rate as well as its energy-saving features. NB-IoT coverage means it should be used for devices that are located far below the earth’s surface and for which no mobile radio connection could otherwise be established via the common radio standards. Furthermore, NB-IoT is also suitable for cases where devices are expected to have a long service life and they only need a connection to the network every now and then. With NB-IoT, devices can be put into a deep sleep during the times when they do not need to measure, send and receive data, in the so-called “power saving mode”. This saves the device battery consumption, which means that the device can remain connected to the network and in use for a long time without external power supply or maintenance.


The big advantage of choosing the 1NCE IoT SIM is that you do not have to decide on a single radio standard for your IoT application. The 1NCE IoT SIM card has an innovative multi-mode functionality. This allows the SIM to connect to all available wireless standards (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M) in addition to NB-IoT and seamlessly switch between them as needed. All with a single SIM card and at a single price.


NB-IoT Coverage for Smart Applications

Smart Cities

With the help of NB-IoT, a large number of sensors can be easily integrated into smart cities applications. Whether these are used on intelligent street lights or in multi-storey car parks, NB-IoT is the perfect solution for various IoT projects in smart cities thanks to its low power consumption and large area coverage.

Smart Metering

NB-IoT properties are well-suited to smart metering in electricity, gas and water networks. Smart meters measure the near real time consumption of electricity, gas or water within these networks. These connect to the central system and can thus send power-saving, efficient measurements at pre-configured time intervals, receive information and ultimately greatly increase network efficiency. These smart meters provide grid operators with near real time insights to improve their network efficiency as part of their smart grid initiatives.

Smart Buildings

NB-IoT is perfectly suited for use in smart building management. Whether it is to manage and control room temperatures, measure CO2 levels or monitor lift operations, NB-IoT coverage enables smart building solutions with minimal costs and maximum efficiency.

1NCE Customer Example: Smart Corona alarm made possible via NB-IoT

Sentinum has developed a Smart Corona alarm  connected by NB-IoT. After scientists discovered that the Corona virus is most likely to be transmitted through the air we breathe, Sentinum developed the Febris CO2 sensor to measure the quality of the air breathed based on the levels of CO2. When CO2 levels exceed a predetermined limits, the sensor triggers an alarm to allow uses to manage their desired ventilation levels.


To meet the challenge of collecting and analysing data as quickly as possible, Sentinum needed an energy-saving mobile connectivity solution with good building penetration. NB-IoT is the perfect solution for this. Sentinum uses our 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat as an Industrial IoT eSIM for their CO2 sensor and thus has the mobile connectivity soldered directly onto the sensor’s PCB. The transparent connectivity costs could be calculated directly into the sale price of their solution.

Read more exciting use cases from our customers


With a Switchee Smart Thermostat installed, residents optimize energy use, reduce consumption and lower heating bills by up to 17 percent.

August International

August International introduces a health-focused smartwatch, that comes with built-in internet connectivity provided with the integrated 1NCE Industrial eSIM.


Nanolike's measurement sensors for agricultural use stand out for being non-intrusive, installed at ground level, with no cable or physical calibration required and a battery life of at least five years.

Our 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat for your NB-IoT project

Our 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat is available at a one-time cost of 15 USD for 10 years. It can be offered as IoT SIM Card Business, IoT SIM Chip Industrial, Blockchain on a SIM and China+. Let us convince you of the included features and our worldwide country coverage and use our IoT Lifetime Flat as a solution for your IoT projects.

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