Freedom to Switch

Included in the 1NCE Lifetime Flat

Switch Operator Profiles with 1NCE's eUICC-enabled IoT SIM Cards

Be prepared for any eventuality. Get ready to add and switch operator profiles remotely with 1NCE's eUICC-enabled IoT SIM cards. Defy vendor lock-in and embrace the next level of IoT connectivity with 1NCE.  

Advantages of Freedom to Switch

Peace of mind

Freedom to Switch serves as insurance against vendor lock-in


All industrial SIM cards come equipped with Freedom to Switch


Be state of the art with emerging IoT industry standards (eUICC)


Freedom to adapt to changes in the dynamic IoT landscape


Freedom to Switch for effortless operator profile changes


eUICC-capable SIM materials are compatible with all modules

Freedom to Switch - Included in the 1NCE Lifetime Flat

Embrace Adaptability with 1NCE's Freedom to Switch!

Take control of your IoT connectivity with 1NCE's Freedom to Switch! This feature allows you to switch SIM profiles during the lifetime of your IoT devices. Therefore, Freedom to switch is your safeguard against vendor lock-in, providing the freedom to adjust as the IoT landscape evolves. All our industrial SIM cards are Freedom to Switch, compatible with any SIM-reliant hardware. All new industrial IoT SIM cards and chips will feature the Freedom to Switch guarantee as part of the 15 USD for 10 years Lifetime Flat subscription for software and connectivity. 

What happens when I want to switch?

Contact our customer service to discuss the details on the switching. Due to the technical nature of eUICC, an integration project is required between 1NCE and the other operator and / or RSP provider.

Are eUICC-capable SIM materials compatible with all modules?

Yes, they can be used in any SIM applicable hardware. However, if you intend to actively use eUICC they need to make sure the hardware does support eUICC.

What about the other eUICC standards, e. g. Consumer IoT?

There are new standards being discussed in the industry but still not yet commercial deployed or available, we are constantly monitoring the development in this space to be up to speed.

Detailed information in
our 1NCE documentation

Full information, details and documentation can be found in our 1NCE Support, that includes 1NCE Developer Hub and 1NCE FAQ.

Any Questions? Please
feel free to contact us.

Do you still have questions or would you like to speak to a member of our team? You can find our contact options in our support area.

1NCE eUICC guide for IoT professionals

New terms, new challenges! Dive into the world of eUICC technology with the comprehensive 1NCE guide and get answers to all your questions.

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