3G Sunset Network Availability

Everything about the 3G sunset and network availability:

Everything about the 3G sunset and network availability:

Network Coverage

In some regions, the 3G network is continuously switched off. Get informed about local network shutdowns within the 1NCE roaming partner network. The 1NCE network coverage also shows you which mobile standards are available in your region.

Network Shutdown / Phase Out

3G Sunset

Since the capacities of radio frequencies are limited, individual mobile network operators are obliged to shut down older mobile radio standards from the network. 1NCE’s connectivity services are basically dependent on the local network infrastructure of MNOs.

In the 1NCE Developer Hub, a current shutdown list is available in which region which mobile network standard will soon be switched off by which operator.

3G Coverage Map

1NCE offers global network coverage in more than 173 countries. Basically, all mobile standards are supported: 2G, 3G, and 4G as well as LTE-M and NB-loT. The actual network coverage map shows you in which countries and regions which mobile standard is available respectively.


What does the 3G Shutdown mean for your iot use case?

Restrictions Due To The 3G sunset

In general, the limitations of a 3G network shutdown are bearable. The 1NCE IoT SIM card supports all common cellular standards (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, NB-IoT). If your IoT devices are deployed in a region where one network service is discontinued, the SIM card can continue to transmit data and SMS on the mobile radio standards that are still available locally.

Limitations can possibly arise with the hardware. Please make sure that your modem modules support other radio access technologies besides 3G. If necessary, the loss of the 3G network may require adjustments to the device software to enable specific functions and logic flows of your IoT application. More detailed information can also be found in the 1NCE Developer Hub. Among other useful things, an overview with “recipes” for the configuration of the most frequently used modules is continuously being expanded there.

1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat

With the 1NCE IoT Lifetime Flat, you can connect your IoT devices for a period of 10 years. It is a one-time upfront payment of 10 dollars. The price includes not only the cost of the connection and the SIM card, but also all other necessary functions relevant to the IoT project.

Supported Radio Access Technologies

More About 3G

Read more about 3G and other mobile radio technologies in the 1NCE IoT Blog. The blog provides you with interesting insights on the Internet of Things as well as on the implementation of IoT projects. 

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