Commonsense Connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Executive insights from 1NCE CSO Alexander Bufalino Numerous challenges lie along the path from the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) to its reality at scale. For early adopters, the connectivity model for IoT devices involved monthly billing for expensive connections on consumer-grade networks. With the advent of new network technologies designed explicitly to support IoT use cases, the connectivity portion of the IoT paradigm can move from treating these devices like unwelcome guests to hosting them on protocols designed for their needs. The dedicated network technologies for IoT device support offer good coverage even in areas in…

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The First Sensible Route to IoT Connectivity

Executive insights from 1NCE CSO Alexander Bufalino The Internet of Things (IoT) relies on three pillars of technology: hardware, software and connectivity. Hardware provides the functionality to support IoT enablement and connectivity. Software computes and visualizes incoming data, making the information digestible. These two aspects of the IoT have existed in an optimized, industrial-grade, stable, high-quality, affordable form for decades. However, what continues to prevent the IoT from growing to its full potential stems from the way IoT devices have acquired their connectivity. Until now, IoT connectivity has originated from a slew of huge, powerful network operators whose main…

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Using connectivity as a marketing differentiator

Executive insights from 1NCE CSO Alexander Bufalino It’s easy to take connectivity’s role in the IoT value chain for granted. The baseline function is the wide area transportation of data from devices to the cloud, without which solutions wouldn’t work. Communication services are normally differentiated by their cost and geographic availability, but today’s economic order isn’t normal.  It’s disruptive and driven by innovative concepts that open up new business opportunities. 1NCE’s connectivity offer focuses on narrowband and low bandwidth applications and it’s disruptive: 500MB for every device over ten years for just €10.  Viewed from the perspective of a…

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